Conditions of sale for the window of the website entitled "Le Roi Soleil"

1) Any participation in the auction concerning the private lots offered for sale on this site entitled "The Sun King" implies acceptance of the conditions of sale below. These conditions also apply for direct and immediate sales.

2) The sale is made according to the order established in the catalog in other words, if there are several offers of the same amount on an item, it is obvious that the first bidder will win, except for a higher bid other participants within the time limit of the auction.

3) Any sale is to be paid before the withdrawal of the lots and in cash as well, for shipments by parcel post, we send the packages the day after payment in its entirety.

4) Any buyer is deemed to have acted for his own account and held personally responsible for the lots that he has to acquire as agent and must pay the amount before their removal.

5) The description of the objects offered for sale and included in the catalog on this site, must be considered as purely indicative and cannot be subject to complaint as to their condition, mention made of measurements, period, quantity, weight , of denomination and other, the public being the only judge in order to note the nature and the state of the objects presented at auction and those presented for the immediate sale. Photos and additional details can be requested before any purchase via internet.

6) Anyone who buys via the internet without having seen the content, namely the description and condition of the lots, will not be able to contest the purchase in the event that the object (s) are non-compliant.

7) We are not responsible for any damage that could be caused by removal and transport by your own means.