sèvres crystal

It is at the initiative of Madame de Pompadour that the Sèvres Glassworks appeared in 1750.

However, it is under the reign of Charles X, that the establishment stands out, thanks to its famous opalines. They became crown jewels, as well as marvelous gold and vermeil pieces presented at the Universal Exhibition.

In a century and a half, Cristal de Sèvres and its luxurious glasses have definitively conquered French tableware enthusiasts: the contemporary aesthetics of the pieces produced and their timeless elegance are combined with unparalleled crystal work. The different Cristal de Sèvres series of table glasses share a refined appearance, enhanced by the subtle transparency of the crystal used.

Today, Cristal de Sèvres perpetuates Madame de Pompadour's desire to create sober and elegant collections, precious and exceptional objects.

Cristal de Sèvres collections are recognizable "at first glance". It is a perpetual game between edges and curves, thickness and finesse, transparency and opacity, which reveals all the brilliance and brilliance of its crystal in a landscape of contrasts.

sèvres crystal

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