ceramic and porcelain

Porcelain is a fine, translucent ceramic which, if produced from kaolin by firing at more than 1,200°C, is more accurately called hard porcelain. It is mainly used in tableware.

Porcelain manufacturing techniques were perfected in China in the 17th century, in Germany in the 18th century and in France, in Limoges, in the 19th century.

A ceramic is an object made of fired clay. Ceramics is this material, or the technique used to make it. By extension, many contemporary non-metallic and inorganic materials are included in the field of ceramic technology.

The term ceramics comes from the ancient Greek κέραμος, keramos ("potter's clay", "clay"), but does not appear in its modern sense until the mid-nineteenth century, when science studies the material and archaeology (ceramology) begins in earnest to focus on ancient ceramics. The term pottery - the potter's art - was no longer sufficient to designate the whole variety of production.

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